Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Power To The People

If you've made it here, it's probably because you read about this project on Baseball Prospectus. And based on the fact that you actually clicked on the link, my guess is that you are sympathetic to the cause.

The mission of this project is simple: Force Major League Baseball to rethink their All-Star format by sabotaging the American League roster for the 2009 contest. It's never too early to begin the revolution of tomorrow!

By voting for a team of stiffs that I have selected, MLB will have no choice but to decide what they want this game to be. Either a true competition among the top 10-15 players in each league, or an exhibition.

Together we can do it! Yes We Can!

(Please check back in for updates over the next year.)


Lee Baker said...

This is a wonderful idea! I am with you and am going to do everything in my power to make this happen.

Pizza Cutter said...

I'll have to put up a corresponding NL sabotage site. (Is this like Operation Chaos, but in baseball?)

Criminal Appeal said...

I've always felt the This Time It Counts, But It's Still A Fun Exhibition era of the all-star game was asinine. Frankly, when I went to bed after the ninth inning (a decision I don't at all regret), I had stopped rooting for the AL and was just rooting for a tie. And, I enjoy that you've created a catchy sound bite to describe this to potential recruits: "A Rocky IV situation." However, I have to agree that you'd greatly broaden your movement's appeal by sabotaging both rosters. As is, I would have been reluctant to participate this year for fear that I could somehow be undermining my team's chances in October. I realize the odd home field advantage this season may just be noise, but as you said, I'd feel a lot more comfortable playing four games at home. So, I say post the Hacking Mass all-stars (caveat for availability on the ballot) for both leagues. Also, one final note, how do you propose to evaluate ballot names who didn't play at all in the bigs, but are healthy enough to participate in the all-star game? You're prepared to recall Asdrubal Cabrera from Buffalo, but what of Jerry Owens? If I recall correctly, he, and not Carlos Quentin, was the third White Sox (Sock?) on the ballot.

Patrick said...

You had me up until the whole "sabotaging the All-Star game will be good for the game" thing. Please leave this Skip Bayless-esque crap to the hack columnists of the world and off of Baseball Prospectus. Thank you.

LynchMob said...

I'm in ... it was either Twain or Einstien (I think) that said "if stupidity got you into a mess, it might take stupidity to get you out of it" :-)

Joe said...

I have a problem seeing how the current system is unfair. Fairness comes from consistency, and both leagues adhere to the same rules. The selection process may be less than ideal, but its less than ideal for BOTH leagues, which means it's automatically fair.

The All Star Game isn't an exhibition game, and it isn't a standard go-all-out-to-get-a-win game either. It has evolved into something entirely different from both of those. It's more of a contest with its unique rules, in addition to baseball standards, for managers to ponder: "How do I take out my best players and do what the media/public expects of me and still get the W for my league?"

Yes, the voting process left Jose Reyes off the NL squad. But the guy with the 7th highest VORP in the AL (Brian Roberts) was also left off. And over a one game sample size how can the difference between Corey Hart and Carlos Lee really stir so much controversy.

This sort of thing really doesn't deserve to be linked with Baseball Prospectus, and I beseech you to take it down. Not because I'm afraid it's going to work (it won't) but because your logic is flawed. The All Star game right now is shaped by a majority of the fans, neither team is at an advantage, and it counts for something. That's a pretty great system when you think about it correctly and keep your mind open to what the All Star Game IS, not what you think it SHOULD be. BP should not be the ones with the closed minds.

BP should be ashamed of this in fact. Joe Sheehan wrote absolutely touching pieces about what a hometown all star game meant to him, and he won't experience that again for another 30 years. If you think the price to pay for 1 year of a joke of an ASG is nothing, you are denying countless people like Joe the chance to truly relish a great experience like a hometown ASG. It would be a disgrace to the hometown team and it would be a disgrace to the history of the All Star Game and to the entire sport of baseball. Don't do this.

-Joe Lefkowitz



I understand your point, I just don't agree with it. If they picked all-stars out of a hat, neither team would have an advantage, but it doesn't mean it makes for an appropriate way of determining home-field advantage.

If they committed to playing the best players as long as strategy dictates as a way of determining the superior league, then I'm all for it.

Yes, the ASG has evolved into it's own unique thing, but I happen to feel strongly that it's silly and contrived.

BaLLooNNoT - Gotham Renegade said...

I'm all for this. great idea!